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Installation instructions for RecBord garden edging

See how easy it is to install the edg­ing in the ground. You don’t need heavy equip­ment for this.

See how easy it is to lay edging in the ground

You don’t need heavy equip­ment for this.


Prepare an auxiliary line for installing the edging

Use a string to mark the line for installing the edg­ings; with straight lines, stretch the string between the pegs. A gar­den hose is per­fect for mark­ing curves.


Prepare the edging

To form curves — cut the edges of the edg­ing with a prun­ing shears as shown in the pic­ture. After all sec­tions of the edg­ing have been cut, both inter­nal and exter­nal bends can be formed.


Connect the edging together

The edg­ings have fas­ten­ers – con­nect them by over­lap­ping – hit the fas­ten­er with a rub­ber ham­mer.


Prepare the substrate for laying the edging

Pre­pare the ground prop­er­ly: cut the soil and remove it to the height of the edg­ing.


Fasten the edging with anchor pegs

Fix the edg­ing to the ground with anchor pegs (B‑PINS). Place them in the holes (aver­age 3 pieces per meter). At cor­ners and curves, dri­ve anchor pegs into all holes (6 pieces per metre).


Fill the area of edgings

Fill the area of edg­ings with select­ed dec­o­ra­tive aggre­gate, bark or soil.

Garden edging is a quick way to separate the lawn in the garden from the pavement, tile or bark

Use light­weight and durable gar­den edg­ing with a 10-year guar­an­tee. You won’t be dig­ging holes for kerbs, you won’t be lug­ging con­crete tiles. You sim­ply lay the edg­ing and mould it to the shape you want.

See our prod­ucts

Use die RecBord-Rasenkanten in Ihrem Garten in your garden or in gardens of your customers

Coop­er­ate with the man­u­fac­tur­er and order gar­den edg­ings for a spe­cif­ic projects, in the quan­ti­ties you need. Have ques­tions or want to place an order? Write to us.

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